The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes are a very glossy, corporate, and ubiquitous chain of schools, so a similarly glossy, crunchy electronic backing suits that futuristic image.

The City of Los Angeles

To present a modern perspective on the City of Los Angeles, I used instrumentation similar to that of 90's hip-hop, but with a upbeat, major-key spin so it wasn't imposing or more "street" than urban.


Given that Exxon-Mobil had just gone under public scrutiny due to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I knew their branding would need to be clean, sterile, and optimistic. A minimal, plucky arrangement mirrors the fresh start they need.


I associate the theme of space travel with immense space, ambience, and a general wonder of the infinite boundaries the universe, so I needed a brand that showcased the breathless awe of the last undiscovered frontier. Celestial pads are reminiscent of stars scattered among the vast void.


A made-up word that I interpreted as Pinalon, a fictional Mexican confectionary firm. The theme is festive, cheery, and spicy to reflect the Latin influence.